two day TAYKA Red Lagoon

usd/per person

price reflects 2 person booking, price may vary based on number of persons in your group.

all programs include COVID-19 protocols & package (hand sanitizer / personal disinfectant bottle / wet towels / mouth & nose cover / oxygen tank
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two day TAYKA Red Lagoon


price may vary based on number of persons in your group.

HIGHLIGHTS: visit Laguna Colorada (flamingos and llamas), geiseres and hotsprings
duration: 2 days / 1 night
availability: all year
group size: 4 persons max per 4×4 vehicle
guide/language: english speaking guide
departure: d1: 08 am HOTEL UYUNI or AIRPORT
drop off point: d2: 19 pm HOTEL UYUNI or AIRPORT
meals: vegetarian and vegan available
tour options/AddOns: San Pedro de Atacama CONEXION

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Tour Itinerary

DAY 01
08:00 am depart from Uyuni towards Desierto de Siloli visiting: salt mounds, DAKAR monument, salt hotel museum "Playa Blanca" (1st salt hotel within the salt desert and flag post) and Isla Incahuasi (large cacti 6 meter plus/salt desert viewer). After the visit we continue South West of the salt desert making stops along the way for pictures of the geological patterns formed on the surface of the salt desert and to take creative perspective pictures with dinosaur and props you bring. Continuing the Expedition we cross the Chiguana Salt desert (10% salinized surface) and visit Volcan Ollague viewer (volcano between Bolivia and Chile), Altiplanic Lagoons (Laguna Cañapa, Laguna Hedionda & Laguna Honda; this lagoons are inhabited by flamingos and vicuñas).
18:00 pm approximate arrival to HOTEL TAYKA DEL DESIERTO (rooms with heating and private bathroom w/hot water)

DAY 02
07:00 am after breakfast depart towards Dali desert passing through and visiting: Siloli desert (7 colored mountain), arbol de piedra (rock formation in the shape of a tree), Laguna Colorada viewer (red lagoon), geisers Sol de Mañana (located at 4950 meters above sea level), Polques Hot Springs and desierto de DALI (surreal rock formations surrounded by a beautiful mountain range). After lunch we depart towards the city of Uyuni passing through the bolivian highland desert and the small towns of VillaMar VillaAlota and San Cristobal mining town, the travel distance is long and it usually takes about 5-6 hours depending on road and weather conditions.
19:00 pm approximate arrival to the city of Uyuni and transfer to UYUNI AIRPORT or HOTEL.

After lunch we travel SOUTH WEST towards HITO CAJONES (border between Bolivia and Chile) visiting Laguna Verde (green lagoon), Volcan Licancabur viewer and Laguna Blanca (white lagoon).
15:00 pm private transportation HITO CAJONES to SAN PEDRO DE ATACAMA (Chile)
17:00 pm (chilean time) approximate arrival to San Pedro de Atacama.

this program is perfect for those who want to continue to SAN PEDRO DE ATACAMA – CHILE, instead of returning to the city of Uyuni you can hire a PRIVATE TRANSPORTATION for 250usd (1 to 4 persons) to pick you up from HITO CAJONES (border between Bolivia and Chile) and take you the rest of the way. You can choose this option on our BOOKING FORM. Our transportation is SAFE, SECURE and most important ON TIME.

What's Included

- private 4x4 transportation
- driver (español)
- guide (english/photography)
- breakfast d2, lunch d1d2 and dinner d1
- oxygen tank
- water boots (rainy season*)
- TAYKA DESERT HOTEL (rooms with heating and private bathroom w/hot water)
- private transportation to San Pedro de Atacama (+250 usd if traveling to chile)

NOT INCLUDED in the price:
x entrance fees (isla incahuasi 30bs or laguna colorada 150bs)
x snacks
x additional water
x souvenirs
x public toilet costs

COVID-19 PACKAGE all will be available for your use:
- medical mask (nose/mouth cover)
- hand sanitizer gel
- alcohol disinfectant spray
- infrared thermometer (temperature control)
- oximeter (blood oxygen sensor
- oxygen tank
- latex gloves
- COVID-19 rapid test kit*

got salt?

about our “two day TAYKA RED LAGOON PROGRAM”:

this program is perfect for those SHORT IN TIME and would like to get the best of both the salt desert, red lagoon and the colorful Bolivian desert. This program is very complete compare to our 3 day programs, you would only be missing out on SUNSET in the salt desert and visits to Laguna Verde, Laguna Blanca or Volcan Licancabur. Read our BLOG on “GREEN LAGOON, TO SEE OR NOT TO SEE” 

going to CHILE?

About 70% of travelers taking this route visit CHILE, San Pedro de Atacama and Santiago to be exact, with this program you can get to San Pedro de Atacama with ease. San Pedro de Atacama is located exactly 45 minutes from the Chilean/Bolivian border, you probably will take more time (“like for ever”) to get done with the whole entering Chile routine, 1 to 2 hours to be exact. Read our BLOG on “CHILE BORDER CROSSING – WHY SO SERIOUS?”
If you take this options please keep in mind road and weather conditions, Hito Cajones Bolivian border is located at 4,500 masl, during the months of May to August is winter in Bolivia and this region gets covered with lots of snow, which will complicate your border crossing into CHile.

what to bring

sunglasses (polarized recommended)
sunscreen 50+ spf recommended
colorful clothing (stand out in your pics)
warm clothing (it does get cold after 4pm)
woolen beanie (wool head cap)
woolen gloves
woolen scarf
thick socks
ear covers
thermals (top & bottom)
swimsuit (hot springs 3rd day)
towel (hot springs 3rd day)
water boots (gum boots – gummistiefel)*

got salt LUNCH

unlike other travel agencies who have BORING and DULL lunch in the town of Colchani or the salt hotel museum “Playa Blanca” we take you near the center of the salt desert and set up a very attractive open area lunch for you. Our set up includes table, chairs, outdoor umbrella and our tasty home made food served with cold drinks.

covid-19 special information

GOT SALT BOLIVIA as a company takes your safety and health as number priority, this is why we have taken the following steps to make sure your travel is pleasant and safe:

– all GOT SALT BOLIVIA personnel must have the covid-19 blood test done every month.
– all GOT SALT BOLIVIA personnel such as drivers and guide are to coordinate visits to each location at times when there is very few people, hence avoiding large group gatherings and potential contact with anyone outside your group.
– all vehicles will have a COVID-19 PACK for you to use, this pack includes:

  • medical mask (nose/mouth cover)
  • hand sanitizer gel
  • personal alcohol disinfectant spray
  • infrared thermometer (temperature control)
  • oximeter (blood oxygen sensor)
  • oxygen tank
  • latex gloves
  • COVID-19 rapid test kit*

– all vehicles have the required protective equipment such as:

  • disinfectant alcohol bottle
  • plastic divider between driver and passenger (you can always take this down to have better view and communication with guide and driver)
  • before and after the start of the program all vehicles are cleaned and disinfected, all customer touchpoints are frequently cleaned during tour.

– temperature checks are mandatory throughout the expedition for our personnel and guests, especially upon arriving to hotels or restaurants.

hotels provided in this tour

     located at 4,500 masl it is the only hotel in the region which offers heating, hot water for showers, comfortable and clean private rooms.
     due to its location there is no direct energy source, so the hotel runs on solar energy during the day and gas generator between 6pm and 10pm (lights out, time to rest).
     sorojchi or high altitude sickness is common here, so the hotel offers medicine, coca tea or poppusa andina tea and most important oxygen, we also have an oxygen tank for your personal use which we leave with you in your room.
  • FAQ´S
    – is there a possibility that i don´t stay at TAYKA DEL DESIERTO? yes, because of its locations and altitude, snow on the road to the hotel and around the region can be a huge factor and we may NOT be able to access the hotel. In the event that this happens we will change accomodations to either MALLKU CUEVA LODGE or HUALLAJARA LODGE depending on accessibility and availability, please see our terms and conditions.
    – double bookings? it’s a very rare case but in the event that it may happen GOT SALT BOLIVIA will work with the hotel to provide a FULL REFUND from the hotel and we will do our best to accommodate you in a hotel or lodge the best way possible.

weather on tour

Weather around the Salt Flats Desert and the South West regions near the high deserts, lagoons and bordering Chile is mostly consistent, but when it rains or snows, it can dramatically change what you see and what is available during the trip, remember we do not have control over the climate or road conditions.

    – SALT DESERT: during this months the rain cuts off access to several parts of the itinerary, including (often) visits to Isla Incahuasi and Volcan Tunupa. When this happens, it cuts about 3 hours from the normal itinerary, the driver and guide will focus mainly on silhouette and mirror effect photography.
    – SOUTH WEST REGION: due to rain in the southeast region of Bolivia the road condition becomes very slippery and broken, due to this prepare yourself for long hours in the car, for example when climate and road conditions are good it takes about 1 hour from San Cristobal to Uyuni (1 kilometer), during rainy season it take almost 2 hours, please expect changes in the itinerary especially if you have a flight to catch.
    – COLORED LAGOONS AND DESERTS: Bolivia has the most amazing landscape, colorful desert and lagoons which are located above 4,300 masl, during winter snow falls very heavily in this region covering with a thick white coat roads and trails, when this happens, sometimes (often) we may not be able to reach hotels, hostels or visit locations in the itinerary. In the event that this happens the driver and guide will do everything in their power to get you to your hotel or hostel and to keep visits to the locations, please expect changes in the itinerary especially if you have a flight to catch.

money on tour

You can change money in Uyuni before the start of the program, however please keep in mind that common currency accepted in Uyuni is dollars, euros, chilean pesos or soles. Another important thing to remember is that the money you bring must be in impeccable state, we are talking perfect, meaning; no torns, no writing, no stamps, no damage folds, no missing pieces, the newer the bill the better.
Credit card payment are welcome at some restaurants and hotels, but during the route you will need bolivianos (bolivian cash), here is an example of some expenses you will have:

    isla incahuasi 30bs per person
    galaxias cave 30bs per person
    volcan tunupa 30bs per person
    REA (national park) 150bs per person
    hot springs 10bs per person
    generally speaking all toilets throughout the tour charge 5bs, during the tour we have 3 toilet stops on route.
    during the tour we will pass small towns where you can get snacks and additional water from the small shops, keep in mind that they take only bolivian money.

we are on


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usd/per person
price reflects 2 person booking, price may vary based on number of persons in your group.

what happens after BOOKING the tour? after you book your experience, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us confirming that your payment went through and a program voucher with your tour information.

need more info? want to tailor this program? want to BOOK NOW but would like to pay a deposit first and balance later? or simply say hi…


how far is the salt flat from uyuni?
the salt desert is located 25 km from the city of Uyuni traveling north, to enter the salt desert safely you will need to enter through town of Colchani. Colchani is a small town with no more than 500 habitants, here you will also find the popular salt hotels like PALACIO DE SAL or LUNA SALADA.
when can we see the mirror effect?

you can have the mirror effect experience during rainy season January to March, however the best experience is AFTER rainy season from March to June, during this months the posibilities of having heavy rain, dark clouds and high winds are minimal, which is perfect to get that perfect mirror effect photography. 

is the tour route modified during rainy season?
yes, it all depends on how much rain falls and weather conditions like wind and temperature. Some areas are flooded and the route is modified for safety reasons, for the main part Isla Incahuasi and Volcan Tunupa are compromised. If this is the case than other activities and locations will be visited.
are the 4x4 cars equipped with an oxygen tank?
yes, the vehicles include a single-use oxygen bottle. The satellite phone is not necessary anymore due to improvements in the telecommunications infrastructure and there is a reception during the most part of the journey.
are the 4x4 vehicles equipped with satellite phone?
satellite phones are no longer necessary due to improvements in the telecommunication infrastructure, you can have reception during the most part of the journey through ENTEL.